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Barque Gifts!

Candice from Barque Gifts answers our questions!

How would you describe your store's aesthetic?

Freshly eclectic and creative - our displays really drive the look of the store, and those evolve so often, it feels like we’re in a new store every couple of weeks.

How does Spitfire Girl fit your brand?

We love the nostalgic feel to Spitfire Girl products! Not only does the retro packaging make them visually appealing, but every pieces has a sense of quirkiness that is fun for customers to use and enjoy. It’s a great mix of what our store brand it – the feel of something familiar but with a fresh, modern twist.

What is your favorite Spitfire Girl product and why?

Oh, that's a hard choice! The terrariums are a customer (and employee) favorite, but the Bag of Puppies and Bag of Unicorns are great sellers too.

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