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Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store!

Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store is a fun yet sophisticated shop that combines the modernity of a well-lived urban lifestyle with the comfort and charm of a country general store. Our General Store specializes in all things fun and functional. Our unique assortment of accessories, toys, home and gift items represents the best of what life has to offer, all under one colorful and cozy roof (and on the internet as well!). The ever-changing, cleverly edited merchandise is bound to inspire, whether you're searching for a special gift or browsing on a lazy Sunday.

How does Spitfire Girl fit your Brand?

We love Spitfire Girl because they have taken everyday items such as money clips, multi-tools, shot glasses, and terrariums, and spun them into something fun, witty and unique. Their products stand out from the rest with their great packaging and vintage feel. Spitfire Girl keeps with our fun & functional mission. We also love that Spitfire products are not only AWESOME, but also affordable to our customer, making them great gifts!

What is your favorite Spitfire Girl product and why?

Our favorite Spitfire Girl product is the adorable mason jar terrarium. We LOVE the dino - always a hit at the shop - it's the perfect, quirky gift that every Brooklynite needs.

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