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Kristin + Jason!

Kristin Schroder is the original Spitfire Girl, a Texas craft genius who through her keen eye, careful curating, and unstoppable drive to create, has successfully launched the Spitfire Girl brand. Spitfire Girl grew rapidly but truly hit it’s stride when Kristin met her now husband Jason, seven years ago.

Kristin’s design aesthetic and eye for trends, and Jason’s illustrative prowess, from his background as a tattoo artist, made for a winning combination. Within two weeks of meeting each other they came up with the “cheeky fortune cookie line,” which was immediately picked up by retailers across the US.

Kristin and Jason continue to create fun new products, setting new trends, and growing the brand.

What is your favorite product that you’ve designed?

JASON : Kristin and I have designed so many really cool products over the years. The products that are currently closest to my heart are the Beard + Mustache Comb and the High and Tight Comb. Both are precision laser cut into stainless steel and then tumbled to take off any edges, leaving you with a really cool dull matte metal finish, and they fit in your wallet!! BONUS!!!!

KRISTIN : The Potion Collection. I am crazy passionate about this new line. I think it is so much fun to sell. We have retail stores in Los Angeles and I love sharing this product with our customers. When they realize the fragrances are for real, and can possibly alter their future in a positive way, they love the concept. For instance, you can use Seduction for that special date night, but also for that next sales meeting to win over everyone with our fabulous, authentic, Potion. Each Fragrance contains historically accurate components to aromatically; ward off evil, seduce your lover, send love to everyone or bring good luck and fortune.

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