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Black Market Bakery

With locations in Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, and San Diego, Blackmarket Bakery offers a selection of fresh, whole-food based items that are pleasing to the body and the mind. By using fundamentals - butter, flour, sugar, eggs (all black market goods during WWII) - Chef Rachel focuses on delivering what the community is missing.

Q: How would you describe your store’s aesthetic?

A: Industrial yet comfortable. Somewhat retro but not nostalgic. Lots of steel, white tile and wood. We make all of our furniture and fixtures ourselves.

Q: How does Spitfire Girl fit your brand?

A: We love the simple color schemes, wood texture and sassy sayings. Again, fits with our “somewhat retro but not nostalgic” vibe.

Q: What is your favorite Spitfire Girl product and why?

A: The greeting cards and notebooks. Especially the hedgehog card!

Q: If you could get us to make one new thing what would it be?

A: Coffee cups and reusable coffee sleeves.

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