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Dee is our resident photo-expert and takes a lot of our Instagram pics!

( @spitfiregirlrocks ) You can also find her working at our Hillhurst and Melrose locations!

Q + A

What makes Spitfire Girl Special? I enjoy knowing where products are made and that they were not only given great care, but detail to design. You can really understand and fall in love with the brand very quickly. Having worked here for a while now. I love seeing other people's reactions to our products. Quality products at an amazing price and you're supporting a small business. What more can you ask for.

What's your fav SFG product? Hands down SFG No.14 exotic wood candle. Not only is the name just completely out of this world adorable this smell is something I would never ever get sick of. Secretly wish I could get it as a spray because it's just so woody and exotic. Everytime I recommend it to anyone they always get it. ;)

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